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  1. ManiacRobert

    [Preview] Shield System

    Thanks for ideea, ms.
  2. ManiacRobert

    solved jump party to different position

    Just try to replace my function with yours in dungeon.cpp ...
  3. ManiacRobert

    solved jump party to different position

    Why while statement lol struct FWarpToPosition { long lMapIndex; long x; long y; FWarpToPosition(long lMapIndex, long x, long y) : lMapIndex(lMapIndex), x(x), y(y) {} void operator()(LPENTITY ent) { if (!ent->IsType(ENTITY_CHARACTER)) { return; } LPCHARACTER ch = (LPCHARACTER)ent; if (!ch->IsPC()) { return; } if (ch->GetMapIndex() == lMapIndex) { ch->Show(lMapIndex, x, y, 0); ch->Stop(); } else { BYTE RandomNumber = number(0, 15); ch->WarpSet(x + RandomNumber, y + RandomNumber, lMapIndex); } } };
  4. ManiacRobert

    Lysium Development

    @VegaS Yes, we are aware of everything, i heard / see this with my eyes on aeldra server, everyone got a "test" but it's not enough, it's not a simple system or a difficulty one. Nothing it's hard in this days, everyone can learn the basics of c++, python etc, but we don't search people to "fix" bugs for us, we searching people to create custom systems on their source, not ours, optimize actual systems if it's needed. After it's completed they will join into a remote app and will install, yes, we know the remote apps are a pain in the ass and nobody want to use it, but in this point, we trust people, we are friendly staff, but we cannot risk someone to leak our private work.
  5. ManiacRobert

    [Visual Mod] Dogs

    Or you can create ChangeRace and make it works
  6. ManiacRobert

    c++ C++ | Metin2 | Mount System Renewal

    add real_time on mount in item_proto
  7. ManiacRobert

    open C++ Costume time extend

    Depend of your costume type, if is REAL_TIME and REAL_TIME_FIRST_USE you need to use get_global_time() for time verification, will be something like this static const DWORD COSTUME_EXTEND_TIME_LIMIT = (7 * 24 * 60 * 60) - get_global_time();
  8. ManiacRobert

    [PAID WORK] Costume Implementation from Official

    I recommend @Hades ✔, it's only thing this guy can do.
  9. ManiacRobert

    c++ Refresh Money With Sleep

    It's aleardy using multicore with "-pthread" flag, better x64 core compilation.
  10. ManiacRobert

    [Release]Equip Items from Chat(Hyperlink)

    @Syrizastop fking tag everyone to help with your things.
  11. ManiacRobert

    c++ Unique Immortality

    Some people request this thing for me in the past days, so, i make it, you can use this in dungeons to make the "unique" damage-invulnerable. Usage in lua: d.set_unique("LycosBoss", d.spawn_mob_ac_dir(6529, 746, 279, 70)) d.SetImmortality("LycosBoss", true)
  12. ManiacRobert

    open ‏Server time

    I think it's needed to send via packet or cmdchat get_global_time() from server-side and "flooded" with def onupdate.
  13. He means, on official server if you active a page with full mitic alchemy you will get a bonus from it, like the photo (screenshot from official).
  14. Why u don't move horse summon to costume_mount?
  15. ManiacRobert

    c++ Official GF Aura System

    Nobody offended you, when you sell a system at a price of 190 you have to expect something clean, optimized, beautifully made, a code that is as clean as possible in your native language, at this point your people start insutling us, nobody don't tell you "don't sell your system", do it, but not with "5$ / a single line of core"