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  1. ManiacRobert

    open ‏Server time

    I think it's needed to send via packet or cmdchat get_global_time() from server-side and "flooded" with def onupdate.
  2. He means, on official server if you active a page with full mitic alchemy you will get a bonus from it, like the photo (screenshot from official).
  3. Why u don't move horse summon to costume_mount?
  4. ManiacRobert

    c++ Official GF Aura System

    Nobody offended you, when you sell a system at a price of 190 you have to expect something clean, optimized, beautifully made, a code that is as clean as possible in your native language, at this point your people start insutling us, nobody don't tell you "don't sell your system", do it, but not with "5$ / a single line of core"
  5. ManiacRobert

    c++ Official GF Aura System

    Yes, i can, anyone can code in turkish code.
  6. ManiacRobert

    c++ Official GF Aura System

    Please talk in english.
  7. ManiacRobert

    c++ Hide Players on OX

    Just remove #ifdef and #endif with delete button.
  8. ManiacRobert

    ah shit here we go again

  9. ManiacRobert

    c++ Official GF Aura System

    self.AuraText1 = KygnObject("AuraText1") self.AuraText2 = KygnObject("AuraText2") self.AuraText3 = KygnObject("AuraText3") self.AuraText4 = KygnObject("AuraText4") self.AuraText5 = KygnObject("AuraText5") self.AuraText6 = KygnObject("AuraText6") Ok
  10. ManiacRobert

    I need "worker"

    Sooo, do you want free installation for payment system, you get money, we don't get nothing?
  11. ManiacRobert

    c++ [RLS]Shop EX Renewal

    Wrong packets.
  12. ManiacRobert

    Pet System

    For 20 line of code for db and p2p i think it's not worth double of price .
  13. ManiacRobert

    c++ Hide Players on OX

    entity_view.cpp void operator () (LPENTITY ent) { // 오브젝트가 아닌 것은 거리를 계산하여 거리가 멀면 추가하지 않는다. if (!ent->IsType(ENTITY_OBJECT)) if (DISTANCE_APPROX(ent->GetX() - m_me->GetX(), ent->GetY() - m_me->GetY()) > dwViewRange) return; #ifdef HIDDEN_OX if (ent->IsType(ENTITY_CHARACTER) && m_me->IsType(ENTITY_CHARACTER)) { LPCHARACTER chMe = (LPCHARACTER)m_me; LPCHARACTER chEnt = (LPCHARACTER)ent; if (chMe->IsPC() && chEnt->IsPC() && !chMe->IsGM() && !chEnt->IsGM() && chMe->GetMapIndex() == 113 && chEnt->GetMapIndex() == 113) return; } #endif
  14. ManiacRobert

    Pet System

    Yeah, let the man selling single line of the code for 3$.
  15. ManiacRobert

    MistWood - Work in Progress #1