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  1. ManiacRobert

    Searching for c++developer

    I don't recomaded this guy because: 1. If you will not answer him, you will be insulted everytime. 2. You will be spammed everyday with shits. 3. He will think you're him slave if he pay you money. And if someone want proof, there we go, you can translate it.
  2. ManiacRobert

    solved [C++]skill book error!

    PointChange(POINT_EXP, -need_exp); to PointChange(POINT_EXP, -(int)need_exp)
  3. ManiacRobert

    CH3HP DDoS

  4. ManiacRobert

    Assindria - Professional Attribute Changer

  5. ManiacRobert

    Gameforge sucks

  6. ManiacRobert

    Meme - Thread

  7. ManiacRobert

    Gameforge sucks

    Hi Hyoun Joo Bae
  8. ManiacRobert

    Gameforge sucks

  9. ManiacRobert

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    item.SelectItem(itemVnum) self.__ModelPreview(itemVnum, 2, item.GetValue(3)) You can do something like that
  10. I'm searching for this icons from 19.2
  11. ManiacRobert

    [SRC] Vanilla Core [latest: r71480]

    People need everything done, only a few people optimize their source, while others care about only money.
  12. ManiacRobert

    Please nooooooo

  13. ManiacRobert

    💥Posts 100.000 xD🔥🔥

    @ReFresh made 95%
  14. ManiacRobert

    open Costume mount visual bug

    WORD CHARACTER::GetOriginalPart(BYTE bPartPos) const { switch (bPartPos) { case PART_MAIN: if (!IsPC()) return GetPart(PART_MAIN); else return m_pointsInstant.bBasePart; case PART_HAIR: return GetPart(PART_HAIR); #ifdef __WEAPON_COSTUME_SYSTEM__ case PART_WEAPON: return GetPart(PART_WEAPON); #endif default: return 0; } }
  15. ManiacRobert

    [SEARCHING]3D modeller

    Hi, i'm searching a 3d modeller to create a npc from scratch with bones, animations etc, that's my skype address :