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  1. .Kain

    New Skills 2018

    hmu if u need better skills
  2. .Kain

    New Skills 2018

    I dont think so, got kind of scammed from this Board account
  3. .Kain

    Gameforge again

  4. .Kain

    Stone bridge fix

    I dont think this is the right Place to discuss.
  5. .Kain

    Baseball cap

    You cannot receive any messages
  6. .Kain

    Stone bridge fix

    100e for reworking map1 houses?
  7. .Kain

    Tempel Building Set

    Open property file Search for 3d model Find path of texture Add any texture you like
  8. .Kain

    Metin2 ✘ Official GrowthPet

    Music 1:35?
  9. .Kain


  10. .Kain

    Looking for coder ( Skills )

    I Need someone fine in c++ and a Bit python for some new functions and some maths with the db to execute our new designed skills Participating when itemshop cash flows or paying instant for delivering the code, i dont care aslong as you work genuinely. Contact per pm please.
  11. .Kain

    Ship Defense - New Instance

    I love the treasure chest
  12. if you use stealth skill, you can be seen on minimap, but not anymore