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  1. tmoitoi

    open Emoticons usage --> Disconnect

    Hi, I don't recommend you to remove this protection who block the chat/pm spam. I don't know what code you've taked because i've not this system but you can simply increase the Counter before kick function change 10 to 15 for example, or just make an exception in this part if user use "x command" on the chat.
  2. tmoitoi

    c++ Typing Information[Whisper]

    Fix for offline players work well About log I already ignore the whisper_renewal sequence and now that's perfect. @Kori i show here log to understand the problem
  3. tmoitoi

    c++ Typing Information[Whisper]

    Take a look: An example: Hi {enter} Hi {delete} Salut {enter} there is already 8 request (also 8 logs) for 2 words. I think with many players it can be a real problems of performance and mysql spam.
  4. tmoitoi

    c++ Typing Information[Whisper]

    I don't use vs2008 xD I just tell it because many people will come there and cry because they've followed tutorials Anyway your system works but there's 2 problems I let you show (1 can be fixed easly on the source) (Without submitting anything)
  5. tmoitoi

    c++ Typing Information[Whisper]

    Hi there, first, thanks for you sharing, But there is a problem for users of 2008 c++ compilator: std::vector::emplace_back Used in PythonWhisper.h: {if (std::find(b_writing[i].begin(), b_writing[i].end(), name) == b_writing[i].end()) b_writing[i].emplace_back(name);}; Isn't supported ( due to older c++ version. Anyway, thanks for the share
  6. tmoitoi

    [RLS]New Pickup Yang Logs

    Exactly, didn't understand why the grp was not in the lib folder, anyway
  7. tmoitoi

    [RLS]New Pickup Yang Logs

    Fix for invisible background create into lib client with this content: # this module is an OS/2 oriented replacement for the grp standard # extension module. # written by Andrew MacIntyre, April 2001. # updated July 2003, adding field accessor support # note that this implementation checks whether ":" or ";" as used as # the field separator character. """Replacement for grp standard extension module, intended for use on OS/2 and similar systems which don't normally have an /etc/group file. The standard Unix group database is an ASCII text file with 4 fields per record (line), separated by a colon: - group name (string) - group password (optional encrypted string) - group id (integer) - group members (comma delimited list of userids, with no spaces) Note that members are only included in the group file for groups that aren't their primary groups. (see the section 8.2 of the Python Library Reference) This implementation differs from the standard Unix implementation by allowing use of the platform's native path separator character - ';' on OS/2, DOS and MS-Windows - as the field separator in addition to the Unix standard ":". The module looks for the group database at the following locations (in order first to last): - ${ETC_GROUP} (or %ETC_GROUP%) - ${ETC}/group (or %ETC%/group) - ${PYTHONHOME}/Etc/group (or %PYTHONHOME%/Etc/group) Classes ------- None Functions --------- getgrgid(gid) - return the record for group-id gid as a 4-tuple getgrnam(name) - return the record for group 'name' as a 4-tuple getgrall() - return a list of 4-tuples, each tuple being one record (NOTE: the order is arbitrary) Attributes ---------- group_file - the path of the group database file """ import os # try and find the group file __group_path = [] if os.environ.has_key('ETC_GROUP'): __group_path.append(os.environ['ETC_GROUP']) if os.environ.has_key('ETC'): __group_path.append('%s/group' % os.environ['ETC']) if os.environ.has_key('PYTHONHOME'): __group_path.append('%s/Etc/group' % os.environ['PYTHONHOME']) group_file = None for __i in __group_path: try: __f = open(__i, 'r') __f.close() group_file = __i break except: pass # decide what field separator we can try to use - Unix standard, with # the platform's path separator as an option. No special field conversion # handlers are required for the group file. __field_sep = [':'] if os.pathsep: if os.pathsep != ':': __field_sep.append(os.pathsep) # helper routine to identify which separator character is in use def __get_field_sep(record): fs = None for c in __field_sep: # there should be 3 delimiter characters (for 4 fields) if record.count(c) == 3: fs = c break if fs: return fs else: raise KeyError, '>> group database fields not delimited <<' # class to match the new record field name accessors. # the resulting object is intended to behave like a read-only tuple, # with each member also accessible by a field name. class Group: def __init__(self, name, passwd, gid, mem): self.__dict__['gr_name'] = name self.__dict__['gr_passwd'] = passwd self.__dict__['gr_gid'] = gid self.__dict__['gr_mem'] = mem self.__dict__['_record'] = (self.gr_name, self.gr_passwd, self.gr_gid, self.gr_mem) def __len__(self): return 4 def __getitem__(self, key): return self._record[key] def __setattr__(self, name, value): raise AttributeError('attribute read-only: %s' % name) def __repr__(self): return str(self._record) def __cmp__(self, other): this = str(self._record) if this == other: return 0 elif this < other: return -1 else: return 1 # read the whole file, parsing each entry into tuple form # with dictionaries to speed recall by GID or group name def __read_group_file(): if group_file: group = open(group_file, 'r') else: raise KeyError, '>> no group database <<' gidx = {} namx = {} sep = None while 1: entry = group.readline().strip() if len(entry) > 3: if sep is None: sep = __get_field_sep(entry) fields = entry.split(sep) fields[2] = int(fields[2]) fields[3] = [f.strip() for f in fields[3].split(',')] record = Group(*fields) if not gidx.has_key(fields[2]): gidx[fields[2]] = record if not namx.has_key(fields[0]): namx[fields[0]] = record elif len(entry) > 0: pass # skip empty or malformed records else: break group.close() if len(gidx) == 0: raise KeyError return (gidx, namx) # return the group database entry by GID def getgrgid(gid): g, n = __read_group_file() return g[gid] # return the group database entry by group name def getgrnam(name): g, n = __read_group_file() return n[name] # return all the group database entries def getgrall(): g, n = __read_group_file() return g.values() # test harness if __name__ == '__main__': getgrall() And add on the import grp Require Python 2.7 else you must replace function by background image.
  8. tmoitoi


    Ah... thanks sir i will fix it
  9. tmoitoi


    Not understand why ? can upload back the gif ?^^
  10. Yeah perfect bro, i was missing the part of char.cpp Thx
  11. Hi, i'm searching while a long time now to remove the automatic point gived on the align, anyone know where can I ? Thanks
  12. Hi ! I'm doing some videos for my server but i've one ask, anyone know where to go to remove the NPC flag on the game or the launcher and what file ? Thanks
  13. tmoitoi

    Duel system has ?

    i've find, thanks #lock
  14. tmoitoi

    Duel system has ?

    Hi ! anyone know how to do this system or if any tut was on for it ? i've see 3 different videos. I can do it easly but i've few problems then maybe.. Thanks !