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  1. tmoitoi

    What about an ingame voice (Like TaskForce Arma 3)

    It depend of "how" you use it, using a TeamSpeak 3 module can be fun due to the many plugins who exist about auto moderation and many things like that like (Auto ban if spam music ..) and others, to give the possibility to the player to enable/disable the system and to change volume, and I mean TeamSpeak 3 for Server, not the software TeamSpeak 3 for players, I'm been speaking about a distance vocal for example if the player is near u, u hear him, not if he go blue map 1 and you stay map 1 red or have to many distances on the same map..
  2. Hi guys, I was asking myself, maybe anyone has already worked on anything like that, why not an ingame voice like the plugin TaskForce Radio for Arma 3 ? Something like, you have the voice chat on the current map/zone/near and other possibilites like that ? To be honnest I haven't tried anything about it for the moment but I think that TeamSpeak 3 must be the best to use for it (Regarding ts3 sdk What do you think about a system like it ?
  3. tmoitoi

    Princess assassin

    Really nice, do you share the face of the girl ? Thanks bro !
  4. tmoitoi

    open Emoticons usage --> Disconnect

    You welcome, I understand, but anyway, the commands like (fish), (!) will also disconnect you while spamming them.
  5. tmoitoi

    open BSD PROBLEM

    DHCP is an automatic IP assigniation who make few requests, many hostings like OVH doesn't allow it because it don't use the right network configuration as they want and also make flood of local-network also they don't allow it, it depend of how they make the VPS and of hostings. You need to use a manual network configuration like @dmitry told, if your hosting use the same way as OVH you can look at this ->
  6. tmoitoi

    open Emoticons usage --> Disconnect

    Go to input_main.cpp, search for CHAT_HACK and change like I do upper then if, for example, your emotion commands is "/sky" you change /your_command_xxx by /sky, be carrefull, i've edited code he was wrong. Hope you understand
  7. @Braxy Thanks but I'm not a beginner I don't wanna repeat it at each login don't worry, it's a quest who start only if mysql-data is == to 0 ^^ Anyway guys the problem is fixed just few changes on the server-src, thanks for help, appreciated
  8. tmoitoi

    open Emoticons usage --> Disconnect

    Like I told you upper, make an exeption on the code of the /commands, but I don't recommend you this function in any cases because it can be a security issue. if (ch->IncreaseChatCounter() >= 10) { if (ch->GetChatCounter() == 10) { if (!(std::string(buf).find("/your_command_xxx") != std::string::npos || std::string(buf).find("your_command_xxx2") != std::string::npos)) { sys_log(0, "CHAT_HACK: %s", ch->GetName()); ch->GetDesc()->DelayedDisconnect(5); } } return iExtraLen; }
  9. tmoitoi

    What OS you ran your server on?

  10. Hi there, thank for the viewing, I've got an ask guys, I'm working on language quest today and I got a problem never seen before, I wan't to use a local select function on my quest with a "when login begin" BUT. But, when I make any choice, It didn't work, I've tried the same quest just replacing the when login begin with a with xxx.use begin and so the quest work completly. Any idea ? Thx I mean this fucntion: local c=select("1", "2") if 1 == c then chat("1") elseif 2 == c then chat("1")
  11. tmoitoi

    open Emoticons usage --> Disconnect

    Hi, I don't recommend you to remove this protection who block the chat/pm spam. I don't know what code you've taked because i've not this system but you can simply increase the Counter before kick function change 10 to 15 for example, or just make an exception in this part if user use "x command" on the chat.
  12. tmoitoi

    c++ Typing Information[Whisper]

    Fix for offline players work well About log I already ignore the whisper_renewal sequence and now that's perfect. @Kori i show here log to understand the problem
  13. tmoitoi

    c++ Typing Information[Whisper]

    Still the same
  14. tmoitoi

    c++ Typing Information[Whisper]

    Take a look: An example: Hi {enter} Hi {delete} Salut {enter} there is already 8 request (also 8 logs) for 2 words. I think with many players it can be a real problems of performance and mysql spam.
  15. tmoitoi

    c++ Typing Information[Whisper]

    I don't use vs2008 xD I just tell it because many people will come there and cry because they've followed tutorials Anyway your system works but there's 2 problems I let you show (1 can be fixed easly on the source) (Without submitting anything)