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  1. KingTsunamy

    Heroes Of Asgard MMORPG

    Everything was fine until he started playing, in my opinion it's just a copy of the Metin2 and copy has no value
  2. KingTsunamy

    Serverfile+Client Metin2TS V2 >>Free<<

    Those are unfull files leaked by Dalyn and Miguel also this topic should be clear because you don't have rights to distribute this
  3. KingTsunamy

    [C++]New Unique WorldEditor Self Made

    Is possible for example to make 2 windows inside the program and you can work on 2 maps in the same time and you can for example copy a whole region from an map and add in other?
  4. KingTsunamy

    Vanilla Source

    But if that person call the police what he would say ,, I want to report a friend from skype list because she sell metin2 stuff " ?
  5. KingTsunamy

    Vanilla Source

    transmit to she a "Thank you" from me for source and for everything she did for us and if you could ask she on what area she continued would be great
  6. I want to report two thiefs Dalyn (Fenomen) and Miguel (Frontier) I sold my serverfiles to them, everything went well until I got PMs from others that say that them sell my work .I had to reduce the price, and they wanted back the price difference, so it was not enough that they sold work they also want money because they do that .After they received my files wasn't enought that they resold my work without my approval, they withdrawn the money I have also seen host companies such as Cloud express and CEHOST that are selling my serverfile and i never sold to them anything .Also I see that others sell my source but i never sold it.
  7. KingTsunamy

    Compiled Core But don't start ( Read for more )!gxM3ELCL!qf2aniOGBbIEuqb4KX1t2cGB8rj3q1sVozb5Bw92ozA
  8. KingTsunamy

    Compiled Core But don't start ( Read for more )

    I found them in usr/lib32
  9. KingTsunamy

    Compiled Core But don't start ( Read for more )

    Here it is!0gVgmRgQ!lXBrbHOvza59J1lb8f1i1_RBBBCo10xTiBbwZ4IxilU
  10. KingTsunamy

    Compiled Core But don't start ( Read for more )

    Here is!NocVgKbI!Em9Cgy99n0NPGtoxwqKer15ZBulTk0NBAKtS3VtENVI
  11. KingTsunamy

    Compiled Core But don't start ( Read for more )

    I took from usr/lib32 Here it is!Rot3XKhD!oM-MnCCU2s_bCazFotNLMhAJ4oZkfjvbAmRVIv7BrUE
  12. KingTsunamy

    Anti drop hack

    Open char_item.cpp Find namespace NPartyPickupDistribute Add under it this code namespace NPartyPickupPermission { struct FCompareOwnership { LPITEM item; bool is_allowed = false; FCompareOwnership(LPITEM item) : item(item) { } void operator () (LPCHARACTER ch) { if (item->IsOwnership(ch) == true) is_allowed = true; } }; } After search else if (!IS_SET(item->GetAntiFlag(), ITEM_ANTIFLAG_GIVE | ITEM_ANTIFLAG_DROP) && GetParty()) Add under it bool is_allowed = false; NPartyPickupPermission::FCompareOwnership funcCompareOwnership(item); GetParty()->ForEachOnlineMember(funcCompareOwnership); is_allowed = funcCompareOwnership.is_allowed; if(is_allowed == false) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("This item is not yours!")); return false; }
  13. KingTsunamy

    1 year Celebration

    Ymir would say: -The reason for that we drink isn't because we are sad ,is because others are happy
  14. KingTsunamy

    Novaline DB Core

    skype: king.tsunamy (Rares Andrei)
  15. KingTsunamy

    Novaline DB Core

    what you added in db ?