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  1. alper40s

    open How to item average and skill damage

    I knows how it works but i want to make it a little easier..Without disturbing the layout
  2. average and skill damage want to begin from 45 and 20
  3. alper40s

    open No .core BSD/top game %100 Used

    I cleared the quest list and read it again. But I had the same problem again.
  4. alper40s

    open No .core BSD/top game %100 Used

    I will check it. Thank you for your suggestion..
  5. My problem suddenly increased the use of the game section. Does anyone have an idea about this?
  6. Can i have that interface please pal? Cheers! 

  7. alper40s

    python [Release] Builtin Debug Formatter

    Nice bro.. Thx. but can we run when the release client is active??
  8. alper40s

    Emoji in TextLine

    I don't remember where I got it. Available in my archive
  9. alper40s

    Emoji in TextLine

    THx bro.. You're one of those rare people who really do their job well.
  10. alper40s


    Effect editing section does not work.. Please help me ?? @martysama0134 Please help my friend.
  11. Client src error please help me ... skype -EDIT-
  12. alper40s

    [C++]Expanded reload commands

    Dont read navicat > player table My banword table have 114 colums but after adding system reload p or reload reloading banword(0) ?*
  13. alper40s

    [C++/PYTHON]ItemGetLink ( Please Help )

    i improve all function thx for the answer