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  1. alper40s

    solved [BUG]Wallpaper Select Character.

    sory bro imgur is not worked in turkey
  2. alper40s

    solved [BUG]Wallpaper Select Character.

    AND HERE IS THE PROBLEM i dont see problem image
  3. alper40s

    open RenderTarget Problem

    Hello Devs.. i have a problem rendertarget preview is good worked map c1 c3 a1 a3 but there is a problem with other maps please help me no syserr
  4. alper40s

    open How to item average and skill damage

    I knows how it works but i want to make it a little easier..Without disturbing the layout
  5. average and skill damage want to begin from 45 and 20
  6. alper40s

    open No .core BSD/top game %100 Used

    I cleared the quest list and read it again. But I had the same problem again.
  7. alper40s

    open No .core BSD/top game %100 Used

    I will check it. Thank you for your suggestion..
  8. My problem suddenly increased the use of the game section. Does anyone have an idea about this?
  9. Can i have that interface please pal? Cheers! 

  10. alper40s

    python [Release] Builtin Debug Formatter

    Nice bro.. Thx. but can we run when the release client is active??
  11. alper40s

    [GUIDE]Emoji in TextLine

    I don't remember where I got it. Available in my archive
  12. alper40s

    [GUIDE]Emoji in TextLine

    THx bro.. You're one of those rare people who really do their job well.
  13. alper40s


    Effect editing section does not work.. Please help me ?? @martysama0134 Please help my friend.