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  1. You have the option of trying on items to see how they are, even though you do not have them. How To: 1. unpack root open 2. search for "def AddItemData" 3. add this above ## Noa ItemPreview def CanEquipPreview(self): race = player.GetRace() job = chr.RaceToJob(race) if not self.ANTI_FLAG_DICT.has_key(job): return FALSE if item.IsAntiFlag(self.ANTI_FLAG_DICT[job]): return FALSE sex = chr.RaceToSex(race) MALE = 1 FEMALE = 0 if item.IsAntiFlag(item.ITEM_ANTIFLAG_MALE) and sex == MALE: return FALSE if item.IsAntiFlag(item.ITEM_ANTIFLAG_FEMALE) and sex == FEMALE: return FALSE return TRUE def AddItemPreview(self, itemVnum): item.SelectItem(itemVnum) itemType = item.GetItemType() itemSubType = item.GetItemSubType() if itemType == item.ITEM_TYPE_WEAPON or item.ITEM_TYPE_ARMOR == itemType and itemSubType in [0]: ROOT_PATH = "d:/ymir work/ui/game/windows/" PreviewBtn = ui.Button() PreviewBtn.SetParent(self) PreviewBtn.SetUpVisual(ROOT_PATH+"btn_plus_up.sub") PreviewBtn.SetOverVisual(ROOT_PATH+"btn_plus_over.sub") PreviewBtn.SetDownVisual(ROOT_PATH+"btn_plus_down.sub") PreviewBtn.SetToolTipText("Anprobieren") PreviewBtn.SetPosition(2,2) PreviewBtn.Show() PreviewBtn.SetEvent(self.EquipPreview, itemType, itemVnum) self.childrenList.append(PreviewBtn) def EquipPreview(self, itemType,itemVnum): if itemType == 1: chr.SetWeapon(itemVnum) if 2 == itemType: chr.SetArmor(itemVnum) player.SetSingleDIKKeyState(app.DIK_UP, TRUE) player.SetSingleDIKKeyState(app.DIK_UP, FALSE) 4.Edit def AddItemData(self, itemVnum, metinSlot, attrSlot = 0): to def AddItemData(self, itemVnum, metinSlot, attrSlot = 0, hyper = None): 5.Search def AddItemData(self, itemVnum, metinSlot, attrSlot = 0, hyper = None): add this above ### Noa ItemPreview if hyper and self.CanEquipPreview(): self.AddItemPreview(itemVnum) 6.Search this ItemToolTip.OnUpdate(self) and add this above ## Noa self.AddItemData(itemVnum, metinSlot, attrSlot, hyper = 1) Have fun with this shit
  2. def splittedvalue(num): number = "{0:0,}".format(num) return number.replace(",",".")print splittedvalue(1000000000000) python 2.6+ >>>