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  1. Werwolf94

    python Skills cooldown tooltip

    Hi again! I updated the two Py file and the "bug" still appears in my client when I go to another map. In the video you can see when I go to an another map after that the cooldown text's are freezing. If I press Alt the counters are keep going down.
  2. Werwolf94

    python Skills cooldown tooltip

    That's a nice idea! But I think I found a bug (or I messed up something when I pasted your code to my files). When you go to another map the counters are freezing after you use a skill.
  3. Hi Guys! I think you didn't see similar before because my problem is too rare (I googled for solution, and I searched a lot to solve it at similar forums). So the problem is when you add bonuses to your weapon (or something else), and you go to another map or you simply log out, the bonus will disappear. But if you put into your safebox, or you drop the thing to the ground, the bonus is still remain in your item, so I think the problem is somehow "attached" to the player's inventory. I maded a video from it, you can see it what am I talking about: I have two systems in both server and client side, the slot marking system, and the system which is mark the new items which you buy or pick up. (Sorry for my bad English I'm Hungarian.)