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  1. unfortly my probleme presist. I add one item with for example 1 single bonus bonus vs animal 4%. but in weapon information show inteligence 10%. looks like the information no begin in attr_type0 but begin in attr value0. but in sql the information is good and if i remove the item the item is good. Only visual bug :S
  2. @terrorr who you fix? i make the @RealReznov changes fix in server but no fix visual. if i see looks bad attr but if i buy the attr fix. You know if i need change something in client?
  3. Curinga

    Ghost UI Bug

    any one plz?
  4. Curinga

    Ghost UI Bug

    bump. any one know who to fix this plz?
  5. my love need send you pm. but say i cant

    1. Galet


      Sorry mate, now, you can :)

  6. Curinga

    HackShield Probleme

    error code 204 hackshield only in windows 32bit. Some one know who i can fix? :S
  7. Curinga

    HackShield Probleme

    continue the same.. can some one upload your libs? plz :S
  8. Curinga

    HackShield Probleme

    no. i have no probleme compiling the source with granny 2.9. but Wahmon say for compile the client source with "/usr/src/novaline/Srcs/Extern/lib and copy all to lib_stuff for client binnary" I get the error before make that.
  9. Curinga

    HackShield Probleme

    i upgraded to granny 2.9 some time ago like in this topic .. so i cant resolve the 32libs if i use granny 2.9?
  10. Curinga

    HackShield Probleme

    can you explain here i get that 32 bit library? Wahmon say me in pm to copy all novaline library but i receive .Mesh.cpp(139) : error C2065: 'GrannyAllowUncopiedTail' : undeclared identifier error. thomething in granny 2.9 upgrade . can you help me @MichaelM ?
  11. Curinga

    HackShield Probleme

    Can you explain me who i make that plz?
  12. Curinga

    HackShield Probleme

    Who i change hackshild version??? i compile evry time with win32 mode. :S i compile evry time with win32 mode. :S
  13. Curinga

    HackShield Probleme

    Hello friends. I heave a real probleme and maby urgent. i know litle c++ but this probleme make me real anoying. My hackshield wont work in windows 32bit. only work in windows 64bit. Some one expert know who to fix this in c++ or need more something? Plz help me im beg you. Best regards
  14. nice. and who to block player trade or drop in single map index?