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  1. filipw1

    c++ Quick Voice Chat

    When I was in high school when teacher asked my class "how" we always answered as soon as possible . So yeah, as soon as possible
  2. filipw1

    [Search] Client Interface

    If you looked for the coder I would be more than happy to help
  3. filipw1

    c++ Official GF Aura System

    And so do most of polish systems, not only public ones. I been fixing those recently pretty often. You can't imagine how they look like
  4. filipw1

    python Python Timer like queue

    To look somewhat smart I actually read most of them as he has good coding habits
  5. filipw1

    c++ Official GF Aura System

    ch->YukseltmePaneliniAc(); Dunno what you are talking about
  6. filipw1

    [C++] Simple Code vs Injectors (Anti Cheat)

    Then go ahead
  7. filipw1

    Loading topic

    I'm sorry for that. Updated main post
  8. filipw1

    Loading topic

    There is a problem with loading pages in topic, video describes it better. I use Chrome, didn't try another browsers
  9. filipw1

    solved [HowTo] QUEST_STATE_MAX_LEN

    Why would I change that?
  10. filipw1

    Render Target by CxL, edited by Volvox

    I don't know how your source is organized, but I bet it is located in each solution folder. It should be named after compilation configuration, for example "debug" etc
  11. filipw1

    Render Target by CxL, edited by Volvox

    I have never encountered this kind of problem. Stack says, try to delete whole output folder and then compile it
  12. filipw1

    Render Target by CxL, edited by Volvox

    Rebuild whole solution
  13. filipw1

    [C++] Skill toggle when dead

    This is a bad idea. Why don't you use packet client receives when characters dies? I mean OnUpdate is poor solution for this problem. You should execute this code exactly from binary for example inside CPythonPlayer::NotifyCharacterDead(DWORD dwVID). Anyways, thanks, I didn't think about that
  14. filipw1

    Render Target by CxL, edited by Volvox

    Yes, in Visual Studio right click on User Interface solution, then Add, Existing file and select those new files
  15. filipw1

    Render Target by CxL, edited by Volvox

    OK. Then you didn't add new files to project