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  1. filipw1

    c++ Check Time Event

    Take it easy, c++11 gives you a lot of new features, the best thing for me is auto pointer, so I recommend you upgrading it
  2. filipw1


    I was about to write that. The idea is great, it's kinda annoying when you farm something and your game freezes for a second. That's not a problem with hardware, cause I have pretty decent pc. I'll try to find a better solution when I have more time
  3. filipw1

    c++ Change Attribute on Alchemy

    Nice idea, thanks for sharing
  4. filipw1

    [TOOL]Advanced Regen Editor

    It's been 2 years since last reply so I think he doesn't care anymore
  5. filipw1

    open Texture changer

    Ok, solved. This program is only a gui for basic preprocessor. #close
  6. filipw1

    open Texture changer

    Thanks. But I have dozens of weapons to change texture. Does it support some commands? Like granny preprocessor
  7. filipw1

    open Texture changer

    Hi. I'm looking for texture changer or just someone who can change texture directory by himself. Original texture is H:\ymir work\... and I need to change that to D:\ymir work\... These are those models!0sVylShL!PKmTOzP3gIGMB2zpMORmpVf9lEadLReM7ufhHYZ7tCw I don't know what granny is it. Thanks for your help
  8. filipw1

    [BUY]Multi Language System - Complete

    Do I really need to learn it? Metin is only my hobby and I'm not obliged to anything. Your argument is disabled
  9. filipw1

    [BUY]Multi Language System - Complete

    I didn't say you hadn't been replying xD
  10. filipw1

    [BUY]Multi Language System - Complete

    I can't recommend Vegas. I paid for the system and waited a month to get it. He sent it only because I wanted a refund
  11. filipw1

    {Bug} Show Time of Thread

    Same thing happens to mobile users, no matter if they are logged in or not Android 9, Chrome
  12. filipw1

    [GUIDE]Emoji in TextLine

    Try itemdesc.txt. I bet it would work
  13. filipw1

    c++ [RLS]Sort Inventory(Mini Release)

    Replace 'Inventory_Size' with '180'
  14. What do you mean? Metin2 server on Windows is good only because of Visual Studio, but I can't see reason why he should keep useless code that only makes problems happen. I mean he didn't ask for help with compiling anything on Windows. So keep your shit talks for you. I don't know if deleting malloc is a good idea, if I were you I would try to fix that
  15. Delete from game makefile everything related to serverkey