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  1. filipw1

    {Bug} Show Time of Thread

    Same thing happens to mobile users, no matter if they are logged in or not Android 9, Chrome
  2. filipw1

    Emoji in TextLine

    Try itemdesc.txt. I bet it would work
  3. filipw1

    c++ [RLS]Sort Inventory(Mini Release)

    Replace 'Inventory_Size' with '180'
  4. What do you mean? Metin2 server on Windows is good only because of Visual Studio, but I can't see reason why he should keep useless code that only makes problems happen. I mean he didn't ask for help with compiling anything on Windows. So keep your shit talks for you. I don't know if deleting malloc is a good idea, if I were you I would try to fix that
  5. Delete from game makefile everything related to serverkey
  6. filipw1


    That biolog system is shit xD I have that one on my pc if you are interested in:
  7. filipw1

    [RLS]Private Shop Search System

    If I have shoulder sash system I won't have problem with game crashes.
  8. filipw1

    [RLS]Private Shop Search System

    Sash system is dump. Everyone who have problem with that system don't use sash. Type something in name.
  9. filipw1

    [RLS]Private Shop Search System

    Works fine. The reason of game crashes is in a input_main.cpp. Replace that function: And then in in your root change these functions: Now it will be fine (for me it's fine :D)
  10. filipw1

    Wrong translation vs Do you see difference?
  11. filipw1

    Wrong translation

    When you were editing locale_string probably you changed charset.
  12. filipw1

    [BELT]problem equip doesnt show

    Then, indexes in C++ module are bad.
  13. filipw1

    [BELT]problem equip doesnt show

    In you have wrong slot index. Problem exist after add sash system I guess.
  14. filipw1

    [BELT]problem equip doesnt show

    Are you using source game?
  15. filipw1

    [R][C++]Attacking Pets

    My pet can attack me when I give him aggr flag, but then delete this flag he cannot attack anything. I don't know what I have done wrong. Can you give me mob proto entry?