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  1. filipw1

    Sent you an invite on discord
  2. filipw1

    I know, but I don't see point. Why would you use quest when you have source code on whole game? This would have be game changer in 2013, but now it's useless
  3. filipw1

    Nice, but for what?
  4. filipw1


    My guess is that string formating wasn't a thing when they did that code, so they coded it just to work somewhat good.
  5. filipw1


    I don't get it. You did rewrite bunch of functions except for last 3. Almost 2 years passed since he asked you about that. I think you are a bit cocky
  6. filipw1


    When I was in high school when teacher asked my class "how" we always answered as soon as possible . So yeah, as soon as possible
  7. filipw1

    If you looked for the coder I would be more than happy to help
  8. filipw1


    And so do most of polish systems, not only public ones. I been fixing those recently pretty often. You can't imagine how they look like
  9. filipw1


    To look somewhat smart I actually read most of them as he has good coding habits
  10. filipw1


    ch->YukseltmePaneliniAc(); Dunno what you are talking about
  11. filipw1

    I'm sorry for that. Updated main post
  12. filipw1

    There is a problem with loading pages in topic, video describes it better. I use Chrome, didn't try another browsers
  13. filipw1


    Why would I change that?
  14. filipw1

    I don't know how your source is organized, but I bet it is located in each solution folder. It should be named after compilation configuration, for example "debug" etc