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  1. Nelson229

    Still searching
  2. Nelson229

    Still searching
  3. Nelson229

    Still searching
  4. Nelson229

    I'm searching for the pet system coded like the official with this types: subtypes[ITEM_PET] = { "PET_EGG", "PET_UPBRINGING", "PET_BAG", "PET_FEEDSTUFF", "PET_SKILL", "PET_SKILL_DEL_BOOK" }; I'm not searching for people that give me the shitty version online or with small improvements. If interested, send me a private message.
  5. Nelson229

    Still searching for this. I need a little server-side modification [C++ requirements] about the guild system. Thanks. Paying in BTC or PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.
  6. Nelson229

    Searching someone that develop a simple system. For more info, please send me a PM.
  7. Nelson229

    It's normal, also in the gameforge servers works in this manner.
  8. Nelson229

    Hello to all, The default pet (all the pet, expect Phoenix because it flies), when you go over it, hinders the player's path, it doesn't allow you to go ahead, and this causes hassless when the players fight among them. I'm looking for someone which can resolve this problem, if this is possible. Sorry for my bad english, If I wasn't clear with the problem, let me know. Regards.
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