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  1. Chyu ^^

    Feedback for our new theme

    Can you change the scrollbar in chatbox too?
  2. Chyu ^^

    3rd Part Libraries List

    @tierrilopes As have been mentioned, there are some definition of Themida in sources, so I have added it to the list aswel. @arves100 I have said this list contains only libraries that are used in client sources.
  3. Chyu ^^

    [SMALL RELEASE] Same IP Detection

    I'm trying to use static as less as possible. What is the reason this really needs to be static? Also, what about couples that play together on one IP? Idea is good, not perfect solution, but at least something.
  4. Chyu ^^

    3rd Part Libraries List

    What do you mean?
  5. Hello! Tired of checking for new versions of libraries? Let's make life easier to everyone. I would like to stay information up to date in this thread. If you know about some of the libraries has got new version, please DM me or moderator to edit this topic. Currently here are only libraries that client use. PS: Don't forget to check this thread also! Boost License: Boost Software License (Content) Version: 1.69.0 Documentation: Link: Crypto++ License: Boost Software License (Content) Version: 8.0 Documentation: Link: libjpeg-turbo License: Mixed IJG, BSD and zlib (Content) Version: 2.0.1 Documentation: Link: LZO License: GNU (Content) Version: 2.10 Documentation: Not provided Link: Python License: Special license (Content) Version: 2.7.15 / 3.7.2 Documentation: Link: DirectX License: The DirectX APIs are part of the OS, so there's no fees to use them. Version: 12.0 (10.00.9926.0000) Documentation: Link: IL License: LGPL (Content) Version: 1.8.0 Documentation: Link: The Miles Sound System License: Propretial Version: 10 Documentation: Not provided Link: Granny 3D License: Propretial Version: 2.11 Documentation: Not provided Link: SpeedTree License: Propretial Version: 7 Documentation: Link: Themida License: Propretial Version: Documentation: Not provided Link:
  6. Chyu ^^

    What OS you ran your server on?

    Greetings to all developers! I would like to know your thoughts about running the game on different OS than FreeBSD. PS: If you run server on different OS, just mention to be added to poll.
  7. Chyu ^^

    open Auto-refresh on npc?

  8. Chyu ^^

    open Emotion use notification

    That's the correct behaviour.
  9. Chyu ^^

    open Emotion use notification

    Just take an inspiration from duel?
  10. I have send you a DM.
  11. I haven't seen the bug with running after dead in my sources as well.
  12. The same problem has tutrle from desert too.
  13. Chyu ^^

    Dear administration

  14. Chyu ^^

    open [WorldEditor] Objects and tree`s problem

    Show us Syserr.txt.
  15. Chyu ^^

    open Script php delete account