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  1. Chyu ^^


    Maybe try this? https://wiki.python.org/moin/BuildStatically
  2. Chyu ^^

    Visual Studio:
  3. Chyu ^^

    We do have Discord server.
  4. Chyu ^^

  5. Just give him the MVP rank already.
  6. Chyu ^^

    You asked a question.
  7. Boost is bunch of C++ libraries aiming to establish "existing practice" and provide reference implementations. Boost libraries are even suitable for eventual standardization. Please keep in mind this is just common guide to update Boost with no source codes changes. Each update has it's own individual changes, see release notes for more information. Step By Step Guide 1, Download the newest package of Boost Here is the official site of Boost. Download the "Current Release" version, do not change it with "Beta Release" and make sure archive is in .tar.gz format. 2, Upload the content on server In the Compilation folder make folder named Boost and upload there the archive you have downloaded. Once the archive is uploaded extract it by using this command: tar xvzf [NameOfTheArchive].tar.gz. After that delete the archive. 3, Delete the old version Before updating we need to delete old version of the Boost. Go to the Extern/Includes/Boost folder and delete the boost folder. 4, Copy files into the Extern folder After you have deleted the old version, go to the extracted folder and from there copy whole boost folder into the Extern/Includes/Boost folder. 5, Delete the folder with Boost source codes Once you have done this, we don't need the folder with sources anymore. Delete it.
  8. Chyu ^^


    I would choose Vanilla server sources and Test Client Für 40250 with Terenzo binary.
  9. Chyu ^^

    It has nothing to do with original SR, sorry.
  10. Chyu ^^

  11. Chyu ^^


    Make just one package which will contain everything. #Solved
  12. Chyu ^^

    @Tunga It was not adressed to you. I'm glad you have described the bug at least somehow. @hachiwari That is incorrect. You can write best code on the world but nobody will be able to fully understand it without comments. Speaking about big code, not hello world.
  13. Chyu ^^

    Are that kind of developer who writes 100 lines of code without any comment?
  14. Chyu ^^

    You are looking for a programmer in Guides & HowTo section. It must be really interesting to work with you on some project.
  15. Chyu ^^

    Can you change the scrollbar in chatbox too?
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