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  1. Lynx

    [Mob Free] Lynx3D

    DOWNLOAD: MEGA WEB: Lynx3D Skype:
  2. Lynx

    Opinion Armor

    There is a difference between the people of this community who lack talent and who have it but want to waste it here. Nobody in their right mind would work in 3D for private servers of a video game that is 14 years old I am surprised by the questions to the sellers of adapted models, that if this is created by them, keeping in mind the price at which they sell it, the animations, the modeling .. awesome and if the discursión is in that it is not worth paying for adapted models the answer is that each one does what he wants with his money, there are those who prefer to hire experts, others who do not know how to adapt them and pay for that fact, or who knows but he prefers to save time and buy this type of adaptations
  3. Link: MEGA Web: Lynx3D Info:
  4. Lynx

    [Release] Mob #75 by Lynx3D

    2011 what? oh, thx no, is 2018
  5. Lynx

    [Release] Mob #75 by Lynx3D

    Download: MEGA Web: Lynx3D VIDEO: INFO:
  6. Lynx

    Glutton [3D Mob]

    True, im sorry.. I cant find the texture.. so I'll upload a new monster for free
  7. Lynx

    3D ART Tatsumaru

  8. Lynx

    Glutton [3D Mob]

    Download Here
  9. Lynx

    3Dsmax 2011 + X-FORCE + Plugins GR2

    weapons and buildings dont have bones so u dont need open gr2
  10. Lynx

    3Dsmax 2011 + X-FORCE + Plugins GR2

    open a gr2 file in 3dsmax just read the bones, you would need a converter to add the model gr2to3dsm.rar
  11. Lynx

    3Dsmax 2011 + X-FORCE + Plugins GR2

    Try with 3dsmax for x86
  12. 3Dsmax 2011 + X-FORCE + Plugins GR2 View File 3dsmax 2011 + Activator!mBZTUAKJ!g5yYDQhneHHHWsWmfVsrzwB0yUcbQGthQHABze_ecQ0 Plugins GR2 for 3dsmax 2011!PFghzYgA!sIueP5Hp00o8H31MRTT_I-CZfn6wjnseiWKYRcK8qeM Submitter Lynx Submitted 15/12/17 Category Tools  
  13. someone would be so kind to modify this script so that it is possible to export collisions as editable mesh? It is only possible to export planes, spheres or cylinders as collision i can pay for it download script
  14. Lynx

    Mob Free

  15. Lynx


    My condolences to the victims and the people who have live or recently visited this city..