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    Rules §2 Topics (2.2) Bumping Allowed bumping times: Services area - 24 hours Q&A - 48 hours Any other bumping will result in an infraction! Regards Raylee
  2. Raylee

    #moved Best regards Raylee
  3. Raylee

    #closed by request of the thread author. Best regards Raylee
  4. Raylee


    #closed If you bought the dungeon from @.plechito' do not hesitate to contact him. I am sure you will get support. Otherwise I assume that you are using a ripped version. Regards Raylee
  5. Raylee

    Sorry for my late respond. Let's move your problem to a private conversation. Thank you. Best regards Raylee
  6. Raylee

    Well, as I read the first comments I thought "Ohh yeah.." interesting facts about Aeldra. But after I continued to read everything has changed into one big "What The Fuck is going on here". Since when are there such devious snitches in this scene? I mean that is quite interesting. You are in this scene and you rat out your own Colleagues? That is not exactly the fine English way... However, this is a Forum were the Community should help and support each other and not rat each other out to the "GF". I never heard about these actions before.. I am speechless. Well, even if you are perhaps only telling fantasies @teatone, your behaviour will be certainly not supported by me. Despite all this, I wish you all the best on your further journey. You are no longer welcome here! (order to stay away (domestic authority)) Best regards Raylee
  7. Raylee


    I would be glad if you could give advice to users instead of making an advertisement for your selling system. Thank you. Best regards Raylee
  8. Raylee


    #closed Problem solved. Best regards Raylee
  9. #closed by request P.S: @teatone Please use the report function next time. Best regards Raylee
  10. Raylee

    #moved Best regards Raylee
  11. Raylee

    Can you prove to us that you are the owner of the design? Best regards Raylee
  12. Raylee

    Well, let's be honest. I think you are confusing the forum here with a other one. In this respect I leave the following: Also your view of the administration changing makes no sense. Just because now after years Metin2Dev got a new Administration? I mean, you're making accusations here that make no sense. Yeah, it's up to you - you might as well get involved. If everyone just searches the forum for releases and doesn't contribute, it is clear that less and less material will be published. Where is here the gratitude? BUT I have to say I understand your point and what you wanted to say. If you still want to continue to philosophize about the future of developers and the Metin scene you are welcome to open a topic in the Metin2 "General" or in the "Offtopic" Section. Furthermore all the best and thank you for your activity. If you need something - feel free to write me a message. Best regards Raylee / Metin2Dev - Team
  13. Raylee

    So please be so kind and give me some names or better - link me to these "scammers" and show me some proofs/evidence. (Of course you can do this in a private conversation if you feel more comfortable) I mean, I understand you, but now you are generalize how "developers" act - more or less. I have to say - I cannot change someting how developers services look like and if you get response to special changes. But you must also understand that you are purchasing a product that is intended for mass sale. And if you want "special changes" you have to pay for that. But this is going now to a completly different story! If you want you can create in the Offtopic Section or in the "General" Section a topic where you can discuss these things. Your original comment was about scammers here in the forum and you were still not be able to give me some names or proofs/evidence. Feel free to write me a private message with these "scammers" and show me some proofs/evidence. If you feel more comfortable you can use the report button too - every support is a help. If you just want to talk about these "Script kids" feel free to create a topic in the right section. Because this topic is not made for chit chat about these "Script kids" in the m2 scene. Best regards Raylee / Metin2Dev - Team
  14. Raylee

    Hey @ScreamMyName, thank you for your feedback. So please give me a list or use the report button and send me proofs to your reproaches. Because I always try to follow exactly what is going on in the forum. For your information: Last year (2019) 40+ users got banned because of try to scam/reselling. We always try to do our best to keep the forum clean. Best regards Raylee / Metin2Dev - Team