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  1. someone can give item_proto and mob_proto from br server? please
  2. I do not know man, you have to review the changes
  3. this bug is in instancebase.cpp, check fan part of system
  4. weryoliveira

    c++ [RLS]Sort Inventory(Mini Release)

    dude, book have bug, after use this, book name is change
  5. weryoliveira

    c++ Fix Moblock/bravery cape hack

    moblock it work but can't attack normal hit but skills working damage
  6. weryoliveira

    open Mark System Offline Shop Bug

    but effect don't show still, but thanks for syserr clean
  7. weryoliveira

    open Pet System Unsummoned time

    i have same problem :/
  8. weryoliveira

    open problem update time after feed pet system

    i have some problem :/
  9. weryoliveira

    open Pet System

    i have same problem, waiting for fix, someone help?
  10. weryoliveira

    open Arrows quiver not working

    i have a system, working damage but not working blue effect
  11. hello guys, i have one problem, i use won system and add after offline shop by great, but in offlineshop don't work won's, i tink what is necessary add won system in offlineshop, but i can't, help pls below the systems OFFSHOP+WON.7z
  12. weryoliveira

    System save account

    you tabs is wrong
  13. weryoliveira

    solved Skillbook drop name

    Part uitooltip please?