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  1. Dragonslayer

    [International] Ascyra - Land of Dragons (07/09/2019)

    20 minutes to the Opening!!!
  2. Dragonslayer

    [International] Ascyra - Land of Dragons (07/09/2019)

    Hi! There is only 1 day left until the official opening !!! And we have prepared an update! - The locations of the metins and bosses have been added to the large map to know where you can find them. - The text and color of the damage have been changed: -- Penetration -> Green -- Critical-> Blue -- Penetration + Critical -> Purple - Level colors, yang and enemies have been changed. (Depending on the level, amount of yang, level difference between monsters) - 2 pets and 2 special mounts have been added, which can be achieved by playing a series of cores on the PvM and Dungeon maps. - Added several crafts (F5) - Fixed some issues with config.exe and the in-game configuration. - An extractor has been added in the general shop, to remove only the last stone. - The improvement of all stones has been changed, now asks for stone dust to be improved. (Which can be obtained by recycling any stone in alchemist) - Several items have been added to the safebox. - The drop of all dungeons has been retouched, to make it easier to obtain pets from these dungeons. - Fixed problems with Meley. - Added several translations of several languages. - An Exp ring and PvP bonus changes have been added in the PvP store. - The problems with the Shaman Support have been corrected. - Added an item to reset the horse's abilities and another book to improve those skills. - You can now upgrade the horse's ability to class. (F5) - The difficulty of the first 2 maps has been changed. - The drop of books, stones and bonus changes has been changed. (To one that is more progressive) - New Kingdoms event where you have to defend your city from a dragon, the first kingdom to defeat it will get a better reward. (An Exp ring, the second one too but worse) - Fixed a problem with some notices at the beginning of the adventure. - Added a new type of items (for exp rings), which if you exceed the base level you will not be able to use it. - Added a location scroll, which has infinite uses but you can only save one position and PvM maps. - The probability of obtaining a good average has been slightly increased. - Internal code optimization. - Equipment -- Now the equipment has some resistance bonus for each PvM map, which will help you to endure more on that map. -- Now you start the adventure with 7 elementary rings, which will each grant you an elementary bonus to harm certain monsters. -- Mineral and refined added. -- 6/7 Elemental bonuses working - Dungeons -- A new level 60 dungeon (Baroness) has been added. -- Now the equipment to evolve you need items from the dungeons. -- Each dungeon now has a necessary key to enter, which can be obtained from PvM maps. -- Added a drop to improve the elementary rings. - PvP -- Race by race, and skill by skill has been revised to be as level as possible. -- Added training dolls to the PvP map -- Fixed the sixth abilities of the warrior and assassin. -- PvP events have been deactivated for a while by the official start. -- Locked potions on PvP maps.
  3. I come to present a project in which I have been working for a long time and which has a base worked for 5 years (Angel2) The official starts will be September, 07/2019 at 20:00:00 GTM +1: DISCORD If you want to see the 'interactive' presentation: PRESENTATION Downloads: In no time I will also upload a video with the presentation of the server.
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  5. Dragonslayer

    Looking for a developer

  6. Dragonslayer

    Looking for a developer

  7. Dragonslayer

    Looking for a developer

    Hello. I want improve the communication between server - client, buffers, dynamic packets. I do not know much about buffers and reallocating memory. I paid for information, knowledge or services. For more info, you can add me skype: jma54x. Abstain "developers" who do not have enough knowledge about that. Regards
  8. Dragonslayer

    [SRC] Vanilla Core [latest: r71480]

    Hi!! Thanks for sharing. I updated all my project to c++14 following your release. I was trying some changes like comment "phase_close" which can be problematic and it is better not to comment. (The ones that I have seen your comments) And in production environment cause cores. I dont knouw if it general or only my problem, just saying. PD: That was in first release.
  9. Dragonslayer

    MySQL is sooo 2010's

    Nope, Oracle is the number one. Anyway like ashok said, one metin server compared with one large database is like 0.1%. I recommend use mariadb with library updates 64 bits.
  10. Dragonslayer

    open Boss Drop Problem

    In default you can invoke a NPC when the mob dead with randoms items for all. (With time and block of 1-2 items)
  11. Dragonslayer

    open Possible to debug the binary?

    I am sure you can start with visual studio, but i dont knouw exactly how do it.
  12. Dragonslayer

    Angel2 - New Style - 400Lvls - New Race Solari - 24/7 ON
  13. Dragonslayer

    Searching: Editor of 3d animations

    Hello. I want edit two animations of attack. Payment method: Paypal More info, add me skype: jma54x
  14. Dragonslayer

    [Searching] Tournament 2vs2/3vs3

  15. Dragonslayer

    Event OnKeyDown dont work.

    UP =P