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  1. Dragonslayer

    20 minutes to the Opening!!!
  2. Dragonslayer

    Hi! There is only 1 day left until the official opening !!! And we have prepared an update! - The locations of the metins and bosses have been added to the large map to know where you can find them. - The text and color of the damage have been changed: -- Penetration -> Green -- Critical-> Blue -- Penetration + Critical -> Purple - Level colors, yang and enemies have been changed. (Depending on the level, amount of yang, level difference between monsters) - 2 pets and 2 special mounts have been added, which can be achieved by playing a series of cores on the PvM and Dungeon maps. - Added several crafts (F5) - Fixed some issues with config.exe and the in-game configuration. - An extractor has been added in the general shop, to remove only the last stone. - The improvement of all stones has been changed, now asks for stone dust to be improved. (Which can be obtained by recycling any stone in alchemist) - Several items have been added to the safebox. - The drop of all dungeons has been retouched, to make it easier to obtain pets from these dungeons. - Fixed problems with Meley. - Added several translations of several languages. - An Exp ring and PvP bonus changes have been added in the PvP store. - The problems with the Shaman Support have been corrected. - Added an item to reset the horse's abilities and another book to improve those skills. - You can now upgrade the horse's ability to class. (F5) - The difficulty of the first 2 maps has been changed. - The drop of books, stones and bonus changes has been changed. (To one that is more progressive) - New Kingdoms event where you have to defend your city from a dragon, the first kingdom to defeat it will get a better reward. (An Exp ring, the second one too but worse) - Fixed a problem with some notices at the beginning of the adventure. - Added a new type of items (for exp rings), which if you exceed the base level you will not be able to use it. - Added a location scroll, which has infinite uses but you can only save one position and PvM maps. - The probability of obtaining a good average has been slightly increased. - Internal code optimization. - Equipment -- Now the equipment has some resistance bonus for each PvM map, which will help you to endure more on that map. -- Now you start the adventure with 7 elementary rings, which will each grant you an elementary bonus to harm certain monsters. -- Mineral and refined added. -- 6/7 Elemental bonuses working - Dungeons -- A new level 60 dungeon (Baroness) has been added. -- Now the equipment to evolve you need items from the dungeons. -- Each dungeon now has a necessary key to enter, which can be obtained from PvM maps. -- Added a drop to improve the elementary rings. - PvP -- Race by race, and skill by skill has been revised to be as level as possible. -- Added training dolls to the PvP map -- Fixed the sixth abilities of the warrior and assassin. -- PvP events have been deactivated for a while by the official start. -- Locked potions on PvP maps.
  3. I come to present a project in which I have been working for a long time and which has a base worked for 5 years (Angel2) The official starts will be September, 07/2019 at 20:00:00 GTM +1: https://ascyra.net/ DISCORD If you want to see the 'interactive' presentation: PRESENTATION Downloads: https://ascyra.net/download In no time I will also upload a video with the presentation of the server.
  4. Board HomePage Discord Click to view properly
  5. Dragonslayer

  6. Dragonslayer

  7. Dragonslayer

    Hello. I want improve the communication between server - client, buffers, dynamic packets. I do not know much about buffers and reallocating memory. I paid for information, knowledge or services. For more info, you can add me skype: jma54x. Abstain "developers" who do not have enough knowledge about that. Regards
  8. Hi!! Thanks for sharing. I updated all my project to c++14 following your release. I was trying some changes like comment "phase_close" which can be problematic and it is better not to comment. (The ones that I have seen your comments) And in production environment cause cores. I dont knouw if it general or only my problem, just saying. PD: That was in first release.
  9. Dragonslayer

    Nope, Oracle is the number one. Anyway like ashok said, one metin server compared with one large database is like 0.1%. I recommend use mariadb with library updates 64 bits.
  10. Dragonslayer


    In default you can invoke a NPC when the mob dead with randoms items for all. (With time and block of 1-2 items)
  11. Dragonslayer


    I am sure you can start with visual studio, but i dont knouw exactly how do it.
  12. Dragonslayer

  13. Dragonslayer

    Hello. I want edit two animations of attack. Payment method: Paypal More info, add me skype: jma54x
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