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  1. Hi guys! I have this scale problem on jigsaw event and i guess it's a client-side bug. I've compared my own files with two different source files where this system it's perfectly working but i just didn't found the solution. Any point? Thank you!
  2. FlorinMarian

    [PYTHON] General panel for server

    FreeBSD 9.7 coming from future? I cannot see it on FreeBSD database.
  3. FlorinMarian

    open [Feedback request]Hosting preferences

    Thank you theri ! After lots of reviews about TS3 protection (so UDP connection) isn't so good as OVH GAME. Probably that's why is not so popular as long they have cheaper prices.
  4. Hi guys ! I would like to buy first dedicated Game Server (https://www.ovh.ie/dedicated_servers/hg/1801mhg03.xml) and starting selling first KVM Game Servers. Please answer to these questions: 1. How those KVM packages are for you ? 1 vCPU 2 GB RAM 20 GB SSD --------------- 5 Euro/month 2 vCPU 4 GB RAM 30 GB SSD --------------- 8 Euro/month 4 vCPU 8 GB RAM 40 GB SSD --------------- 13 Euro/month 4 vCPU 16 GB RAM 50 GB SSD --------------- 16 Euro/month 8 vCPU 32 GB RAM 100 GB SSD --------------- 30 Euro/month 2. If you will ever try our services, what location you would like to have ? 3. Do you think it's important to attach in our sales page also CPanel hosting with NVMe storage? 4. Do you think GameCP based services will reach your needs? Thank you for feedback!
  5. FlorinMarian

    c++ Fix Moblock/bravery cape hack

    As all of us know, damage hacks send always same packet (eg. combo1, combo2, etc). It will be nice to send attack command client-server with attack type attached as variable and serverside to null them if they are identical in a short time. Best regards, Florin.
  6. FlorinMarian

    open [DEV challenge]Dice System Exploit

    Already solved myself moving those "flying" variables to each character. Used: 1 variable to store Dicenumber (initialized 0) SetDiceNumber() -> random(1,100) GetDicenumber() -> return variable. Best regards, Florin. Hi Ken ! I respect you and your work, i know how great are you but this time you fail interpreting my message. in my mind challenge has been to find how to exploit this system and after this, as you mentioned, it's normal to get paid for solving the problem. I didn't bet money for 2 reasons: who can guarantee that it's code will solve the problem while i don't have idea how to exploit the system? i sent this request in public, so, for everyone Best regards.
  7. Hi there ! Abou 1 year ago I bought Dice System C++ by Fahtibab34, it was working well till few days ago when I've discovered that someone can exploit this system. I have my own log system and there I saw that this player got 60/60 matches won. I'm not a genius in client-game communications, maybe there it's something wrong and he can send numbers from client to game, not reversal? Who knowns? Let the party begin ! System files: #deleted
  8. FlorinMarian

    open Internal IP redirect to public IP (Linux)

    Thank you very much but in this way doesn't work because cannot bind on this IP.
  9. FlorinMarian

    Metin2 DNS Server

    DNS Server means ns1/ns2 of a domain. Your question is not related to topic title.
  10. Hi guys ! Anyone managed iptables rules or something similar to stop kicking character after selecting character in that situation when Metin2 server runs behind a internal ip ?(separate VPS) best regards.
  11. Hi guys ! I have a little problem with LeNNt's quvier system. There is that blue effect on each type of arrow, not only for Quiver items. Any idea where should i look?
  12. FlorinMarian

    open [Estimations]Hosting price

    Hello guys ! I'm Florin from Romania, owner of a legal registered business in my country. I would like to know interest from further customers about products and price. I have for you guys few questions: 1. Will you ever trust a new hosting provider ? 2. It's enaugh for you Anti-DDOS provided by OVH Dedicated GameServers? 3. It's enaugh for your applications to provide: VPS, CPanel webhosting and domain registrations? 3. How much you will be able to pay for: 10 GB SSD Storage 1 CPU 4.4 GHz 100 MB/s uplink Unlimited traffic 1 IP Address KVM Virtualization Thank you all ! *** I need your pareer to make few estimations about costings (CPanel, WHMCS, SolusVM licenses & dedicated servers rental).
  13. FlorinMarian

    open __SetItemTitle uitooltip.py - New Pet System

    I don't have tutorial for new_pet system but maybe those codes will help you finding the right way: game.py if app.NEW_PET_SYSTEM: def SetPetEvolution(self, evo): petname = ["Jung", "Wild", "Tapfer", "Heroisch"] self.petmain.SetEvolveName(petname[int(evo)]) constInfo.PETMINIEVO = int(evo) def SetPetName(self, name): if len(name) > 1 and name != "": self.petmini.Show() self.petmain.SetName(name) def SetPetLevel(self, level): self.petmain.SetLevel(level) constInfo.PETMINILEVEL = int(level) def SetPetDuration(self, dur, durt): if int(durt) > 0: self.petmini.SetDuration(dur, durt) self.petmain.SetDuration(dur, durt) def SetPetBonus(self, hp, dif, sp): self.petmain.SetHp(hp) self.petmain.SetDef(dif) self.petmain.SetSp(sp) def SetPetskill(self, slot, idx, lv): #chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "slot %d %d" % (int(slot),int(idx))) self.petmini.SetSkill(slot, idx, lv) self.petmain.SetSkill(slot, idx, lv) self.affectShower.BINARY_NEW_AddAffect(5400+int(idx),int(constInfo.LASTAFFECT_POINT)+1,int(constInfo.LASTAFFECT_VALUE)+1, 0) if int(slot)==0: constInfo.SKILL_PET1=5400+int(idx) if int(slot)==1: constInfo.SKILL_PET2=5400+int(idx) if int(slot)==2: constInfo.SKILL_PET3=5400+int(idx) def SetPetIcon(self, vnum): if int(vnum) > 0: self.petmini.SetImageSlot(vnum) self.petmain.SetImageSlot(vnum) def SetPetExp(self, exp, expi, exptot): if int(exptot) > 0: self.petmini.SetExperience(exp, expi, exptot) self.petmain.SetExperience(exp, expi, exptot) def PetUnsummon(self): self.petmini.SetDefaultInfo() self.petmini.Close() self.petmain.SetDefaultInfo() self.affectShower.BINARY_NEW_RemoveAffect(int(constInfo.SKILL_PET1),0) self.affectShower.BINARY_NEW_RemoveAffect(int(constInfo.SKILL_PET2),0) self.affectShower.BINARY_NEW_RemoveAffect(int(constInfo.SKILL_PET3),0) constInfo.SKILL_PET1 = 0 constInfo.SKILL_PET2 = 0 constInfo.SKILL_PET3 = 0 def OpenPetMainGui(self): if constInfo.PETGUI == 0: self.petmain.Show() self.petmain.SetTop() constInfo.PETGUI = 1 else: self.petmain.Close() constInfo.PETGUI = 0 def OpenPetIncubator(self, pet_new = 0): import uipetincubatrice self.petinc = uipetincubatrice.PetSystemIncubator(pet_new) self.petinc.Show() self.petinc.SetTop() def OpenPetMini(self): self.petmini.Show() self.petmini.SetTop() def OpenPetFeed(self): self.feedwind = uipetfeed.PetFeedWindow() self.feedwind.Show() self.feedwind.SetTop() uitooltip.py Before import if app.NEW_PET_SYSTEM: def pointop(n): t = int(n) if t / 10 < 1: return "0."+n else: return n[0:len(n)-1]+"."+n[len(n)-1:] Before AddItemData if app.NEW_PET_SYSTEM: def check_sigillo(self, item_vnum): for x in range(55701,55706): if x == item_vnum: return TRUE if item_vnum == 55801: return TRUE return FALSE On AddItemData function, after ### Description ### self.AppendDescription(itemDesc, 26) self.AppendDescription(itemSummary, 26, self.CONDITION_COLOR) if app.NEW_PET_SYSTEM: if self.check_sigillo(itemVnum) or itemVnum == 55002 or itemVnum == 55706: if attrSlot[0][1] != 0: self.AppendSpace(5) self.AppendTextLine("Level: "+str(metinSlot[1]), self.NORMAL_COLOR) self.AppendTextLine("TP: +"+pointop(str(attrSlot[0][1]))+"%", self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR) self.AppendTextLine("DEF: +"+pointop(str(attrSlot[1][1]))+"%", self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR) self.AppendTextLine("MP: +"+pointop(str(attrSlot[2][1]))+"%", self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR) self.AppendSpace(5) if itemVnum != 55002: days = (int(attrSlot[3][1])/60)/24 hours = (int(attrSlot[3][1]) - (days*60*24)) / 60 mins = int(attrSlot[3][1]) - (days*60*24) - (hours*60) self.AppendTextLine("Verbl. Zeit: %d Tage %d Std. %d Min." % (days, hours, mins), self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR)
  14. FlorinMarian

    open Shoulder-Sash system in Martysama

    As a hint, you will have problems in InstanceBase.cpp because there are missing lines to make it working with marty source.
  15. FlorinMarian

    open Shoulder-Sash system in Martysama

    Yes, it is working. With lot of work i have Sash, Mount Costume, Costume Weapon fully working with "Army function aswell". https://prnt.sc/ih096c P.S. And i have Martysamma last version, i bought it on december 2017.