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    Ai prima versiune a lui Ken de shop offline, in versiuni ceva mai superioare, o să ai funția de "GetBack", după ce expiră timp-ul, se bagă intr-un slot special în shop-ul offline.
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    Change your HideAllQuestWindow function to this: def HideAllQuestWindow(self): [obj.OnCancel() for obj in self.wndQuestWindow] This is need in that case if your self.wndQuestWindow variable is a list( [] ) what hasn't attribute "iteritems" as the errorlog said also. That one-line command will iterate each items in the list, and that will call the "OnClose" method on every object in the list. Same as this: def HideAllQuestWindow(self): for obj in self.wndQuestWindow: obj.OnClose() or this: def HideAllQuestWindow(self): for i in xrange(len(self.wndQuestWindow)): self.wndQuestWindow[i].OnClose() or... def HideAllQuestWindow(self): map(lambda x:x.OnClose(), self.wndQuestWindow) and many more opportunities...
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    Please edit your post instead of doing a double post next time.
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