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    This is the visual studio code extension for metin2 quests: DEMO: https://metin2.dev/board/index.php?/topic/21984-extension-vs-code-for-metin2-quests/&tab=comments#comment-119486 it's based on these things: * https://github.com/simonvizzini/vscode-factorio-lua-api-autocomplete * https://github.com/dcr30/vscode-lualinter * https://martysama0134.github.io/m2-docs/luafunc.html special thanks: @martysama0134 for the detailed documentations. Known issues: defines like: define VAR x (are not allowed) [0.0.2] * Added support for quest as a separate language. * Added lua syntax checker from lualinter. * Fixed quest syntax checker will check both lua and quest. [0.0.3] - 2019-09-25 * Minor fixes. [0.0.4] -2019-09-26 * Added functions parameters support. https://puu.sh/Elj16/27b4aed661.mp4 * Added the extension to VS Code MarketPlace. https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=Metin2Team.m2questsupport
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    Features: * syntax checker. * auto-completion. * functions docs on hover. https://puu.sh/Ek34u/b6f75985a0.mp4
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    I wrote this small tool in python to manage easly the server source in a unique script to run. The tool is written in Python 2.7 but it should works fine with next version. Basically, the tool can help you to build/touch/strip without navigate in the differents paths. The tool can perform: -Build: build game/db build game/db with clean build game&db (consecutively) build game&db with clean -Touch (which dont' create new file when is used with a wrong name): perform Touch of one or more files in game/src (by inserting the names separated with a space) perform Touch of one or more files in db/src (by inserting the names separated with a space) -Strip: Strip game (by copying it) Strip db (--same) Additional features: - the tool find if a file is edited $val seconds in the future (eg. if you have set a wrong date in your compiler) and it will touch the file automatically. - the tool is written in procedural python (no OOP) so you should read easly it even if you are not an expert with python. - You can run more than one commands in sequence by separating them with one of these character : ("&&","&","|"," ",'\t',"-",',') (es. : 1&9 -> build game and strip game) - the tool can get command-line arguments to perform what you need (you could take a look under to know the command you can pass) to-know: - To run a script in python in the compiler you need to have installed Python (i recommend python27 which i can guarantee it will works). If you haven't installed python you can do it by using pkg manager (pkg install pyhon27) or ports (cd /usr/ports/lang/python27 && make config-recursive && make install clean) - If you get some problem with the script you can post a comment in this thread to know the solution, anyway it should works perfectly with martysama source (most commonly used). - To run the script you should give 7XX octal permission. - To run the script you need to go at the same path where is the script and to use "./scriptname.py" to run it. - If you are creating the scriptfile using notepad++ (or some external editor) is possible to have a problem about the EOL character (you have to set it on "Unix EOL"). - You have way to enable/disable the question "exit?" when the build fail - To run the script you should put it on "Server" folder, when you can find game, db, common, etc. For any kind of problems i recommend you to write a comment in this thread (instead of pm) because another user could get same problem and find here the solution. i hope it would be usefull. byebye COMMANDLINE ARGUMENTS SCRIPT
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    https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Refresh-Money-With-Sleep You can change sleep time.
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    https://github.com/Rakancito/paeryong-center Patch 17.5 Official Servers for the Skill Paeryong center of enemy
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    I know is not a big deal but i just started the work with this pixelated images. I was just bored. I was thinking to add some more info to this skill icon. Before: After: Edit: Removed some pixels around that mannequin so it can be even clearly. Regards, Cara
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    Updated v1.9 - type6 & mcsp unpack [ty @metin2team]
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    My edition: Oryginal:
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    First of all I know this is kind useless but for the sake of enabling and disabling the flash effect in buttons I decided to use the standard flash function because I didn't know an easier way. As for an example, here is a demonstration of the flash effect.
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    Hey M2DEV! Today i will show you my new tool! With the help of which you can make an .obj from the mesh of gr2 file! DOWNLOAD (full project with source code)
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    https://github.com/Rakancito/skill-knockback Nothing to say, enjoy.
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    Idk if this is the right place to put this. But I hope helps someone. Download: I bothered to order the lines from least to greatest numerically. On each line there is a number, this number corresponds to the number of the official translation that you can find in the official locale. Official locale download: The only thing left for you to do is replace the number I put, with the number that corresponds to the official translation. Here is an example with the English language: Best regards.
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    https://github.com/Rakancito/SKILL_GYEONGGONG Hey guys, Well..., i promised that i will publish this update , so here it is, only this part was missing. NOTE: Please follow the guide, read README.md IMG: Gyazo: https://gyazo.com/9ef8be0deb0c0d5e07915e9125fbe6ac FIX EFFECT: Thanks for @CHMarvin Download: https://www.dosyaupload.com/jihT Path: pc/assassin/effect/7-2.dds Enjoy it.
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    Since already is a check for distance, is impossible that the entity to be in another map, so is enough to check if you're in the map. #ifdef HIDDEN_OX if (ent->IsType(ENTITY_CHARACTER) && m_me->IsType(ENTITY_CHARACTER)) { const LPCHARACTER chMe = static_cast<LPCHARACTER>(m_me); const LPCHARACTER chEnt = static_cast<LPCHARACTER>(ent); if (chMe->GetMapIndex() == OXEVENT_MAP_INDEX && !chMe->IsGM() && !chEnt->IsGM()) return; } #endif Also you should put the correct/ordered conditions, first one should be if the entity is in the map, if not that means the rest of the checks like if's GM etc will not run, why you would check first time if the entity is player, then if the player is game master then the map (the most important), there's no logic. Even if is a player or another type, the GetMapIndex works for all, belong to CHARACTER class, so, don't be afraid to use it as first condition. Also you don't need the IsPC check, already you did inside of IsGM, if the server running in test mode, the function will return true, if the gm_level != 0, will return true, otherwise return false < another entity than player in this case, so with that way the players are visbile to map since test_server is enabled too. As a player you will see just the GM, no players, no (Nameless Flowers 20358) < npcs As a GM you will see everything
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    added version 0.0.2: * Added support for quest as a separate language. * Added lua syntax checker from lualinter. * Fixed quest syntax checker will check both lua and quest.
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    Users: How-to install the VSIX extension
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    I don't use twitter... but i am pretty sure twitter is Free.
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    Hi everyone! Halloween is coming! And as every year, i prepared stuff for the event! Videos:
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    Sorry I removed a folder by mistake. Updated.
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    An event handler without thread and sleep for client source. You can add many things etc. https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Client-Event-Handler Example: EventHandler::Instance().AddEvent("exampletest",[]() { IAbstractChat::GetSingleton().AppendChat(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Test Message"); }, 5, 10 ); // ten time, delay 5 sec.
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    Download: https://mega.nz/#!wzpSQSYI!MhXqewT63qGyWPtsjkFkLFx2YykcVS7QVZAzFiqajAw VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/88623a8cf089625437e361e47cf6f14c3be206f05d29f6ec7acb5b4fd7229fff/detection
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    hey, i don't know why they didn't take adventage of this, but they did implement facial animation structures. so i thought why not make this aweful character a bit less look like crap. check it out yourself, won't make a extra video. DL: https://mega.nz/#!kBIhGSLa!ip9q_h3Zq5VMhgdEGSEX-wO7EXc86sCzMikDTfyynF4 Best Regards