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    Hi everyone! Summer is almost here and i prepared stuff for your summer events! Videos:
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    First one, thanks for release and good idea, here are some advices for the next time, how you should use zip method and lambda instead of __mem__func__ and others empty functions. Since the loadStepList is declared with ascending numbers from 0 to 100 (by default), we don't have to use min and max method for get the values for range, just the first value and the last value from list. __mem_func__ and the function 'bos' are useless in that case, we can replace it with a null lambda, will do the same job too. Using an list comprehension with conditions inside, isn't so readable. Good idea for zip method to get all the progresses values, but we don't need to initialize like that, you can acces the first reference by using index [0] from iterator. def bos(self): pass checkin, _ = zip(*self.loadStepList) self.loadStepList = sorted(self.loadStepList+[(i, ui.__mem_func__(self.bos)) for i in range(min(checkin), max(checkin)+1) if i not in checkin]) Should look like this: tmpLoadStepList = tuple(zip(*self.loadStepList))[0] for progress in range(tmpLoadStepList[0], tmpLoadStepList[-1] + 1): if progress not in tmpLoadStepList: self.loadStepList.append((progress, lambda: None)) self.loadStepList.sort()
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    # Big Update: * 80% of Client-Side files have been converted from official root files. * Deleted locale/xx/ui/ codes(like official) * Now If you want to more than 4 inventory, you don't need to change variables etc. manually anymore. (Client and Server) [Not Just for c++11(+) users] * You can change Default Open/Locked Inventory Count Settings: Length.h; INVENTORY_OPEN_PAGE_COUNT = 2, INVENTORY_OPEN_KEY_VNUM = 72320,; self.default_open_inven = 2 self.INVENTORY_OPEN_KEY_VNUM = 72320
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    Hi everyone! I am coming back to you with the new league of legends map! This is 'Howling Abyss' - version metin2. Map size - 2x2 It's good for pvp contact __________________________________________________________________ This is my last map of league of legends. Now I plan to add new npc / monsters / objects. I will show you everything! Cooming soon ..! __________________________________________________________________ Summoner's Rift - >>>> click __________________________________________________________________
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    Korean errors on Dungeon.cpp Fix Dungeon count monsters: struct FCountMonster { int n; FCountMonster() : n(0) {}; void operator()(LPENTITY ent) { if (ent->IsType(ENTITY_CHARACTER)) { LPCHARACTER ch = (LPCHARACTER) ent; if (ch->IsMonster() || ch->IsStone())//FIX n++; } } }; (Function was keeping also NPC, it could make you ugly problems). Fix Dungeon using more memory than right, with notice on all entities: // DUNGEON_NOTICE namespace { struct FNotice { FNotice(const char * psz) : m_psz(psz) { } void operator() (LPENTITY ent) { if (ent->IsType(ENTITY_CHARACTER)) { LPCHARACTER ch = (LPCHARACTER) ent; if (ch->IsPC()) //FIX ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_NOTICE, "%s", m_psz); } } const char * m_psz; }; } (Notice was be triggered for every char entity) These was just 2 Korean errors that i want to share with you. I hope that it'll be useful Regards Hex.
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    Sorry what is here the feedback? We live in 2019 and anybody have problems with gays or lesbians sorry I can't understand @Raylee
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    You don't have to be gay to be in favor of the cause.
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    I identify myself as a lycan
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    Hello guys, here's free metin2 server presentation + editable logo for you
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    Hello guys Today i'm gonna release new design for wedding costumes i know its not my best but i'm tried with many style but i think white design is good i will share more soon for diffrent design for wedding and more so wait me i hope you like them :) screens banner test Download: Click here if you like it just say thanks if you found any problem just reply me i will try to fix it regards, Dane
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    Added C++ version, check the repository. (cff.cpp, cff.h) #include "cff.h" std::string text = CFF::format("Metin2", "green"); std::string text = CFF::format(std::to_string(8000), "banana"); std::string text = CFF::format(std::to_string(412.55), "red"); std::string text = CFF::format("Pending", "#113355"); std::string text = CFF::format("Item name:", "springgreen", CFF::FLAG_NEW_TAB) + CFF::format(pItemData->GetName(), "chocolate"); std::vector<string> text = CFF::multi_format({"a", "b", "c"}, "red"); // text[0], text[1], text[2]
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    A guy asked me about second key. First key is tradable item second key is cannot be tradable. * Now 2 key is activated. If you have both of them, delete is starting from tradable item. You can change from length.h; INVENTORY_START_DELETE_VNUM = INVENTORY_OPEN_KEY_VNUM, * Client settings added to gametype.h
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    I added a new update for c++11(+) users. If you want to more than 4 inventory, you don't need to change variables etc. manually anymore. Only For ServerSide: Exchange.cpp Char.cpp
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    function say_item(name, vnum, desc) say("[INSERT_IMAGE image_type;item|idx;"..vnum.."|title;""|desc;"..desc.."|index;".. 0 .."|total;".. 1 .."]") end
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    I suppose you use the system which i made 4 years ago (2015-2016), i published it, so it's fine. The problem is in root/ You added the self.__RegisterTitlePrestigeName() inside of the function def DEBUG_LoadData(self, playerX, playerY), need to be in def LoadData(self, playerX, playerY) too.
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    Hello guys! After job, before sleep here is the latest patch, the v19.2. Have fun Ramadan costumes, hairstyles, pets New minigame "samemonster" gui elements 6th7th attribute gui elements Download locale_de locale_en locale_hu
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    Un ringraziamento speciale a tutti i collaboratori che hanno partecipato allo sviluppo:StratoKyke KeytoDRshopZenoDesignTashoLink UtiliSito Ufficiale Forum Download Per qualsiasi problema o assistenza lo staff è a vostra disposizione, Auguriamo Buon Game a tutti.