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    This is an archiver I've created, and it looks quite stable so far. The PackMakerLite (PML) supports type0-1-2-3-4-5 (type4-5 only pack, not unpack). As a summarize, the metin2 types are handled like this: Type 0 - only storage (no encryption/compression; it can be read fully from the .epk) Type 1 - compressed - lzo(file) Type 2 - compressed and encrypted - xtea(lzo(file)) Type 3 - encrypted with Panama - you must save an .iv key server-side in the panama/ folder. (content readable only after auth phase) The official used it only for patch2. Type 4 - encrypted with a mix of ciphers (cshybridcrypt) - you must save a .dat key server-side in the package/ folder. (content readable only after auth phase) Practically all the metin2_patch files. Type 5 - like type 4, but a server-side map/<map_name> is also provided. (content readable only after accessing the <map_name> map as a player) The official used it only for the catacomb data. Usage: Its settings (xtea keys, extensions, pack types to use) can be changed inside PackMakerLite.json: You can actually integrate the tool in the menu context (running the .reg files) for packing folders and unpacking .eix files. (You need to copy .exe, .json, .bat files on "c:\windows\system32\" btw) Remove "--nolog" from the .bat files if you want to see the logs again. Last but not least: since the client handles all the filenames in lowercase, this tools automatically converts them as well. PackMakerLite-20190305-2233.rar
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    Hi guys. First of all, I also know this system is public already, but I was boring, so I had to reverse something, so here it is: Quiver System.7z If you have extra systems which might ignore the quivers, you must to extend them by yourself. Just couple of them from the official: acce, costume bonus transfer, change look, skillbook combination, sealbind and so on. Anything is wrong in the guide or missing something let me know, hit a comment below.
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    Hello everyone! Today I've released new dungeon - Infected garden. I had this idea 3 years and today i finally finished it. I will be glad for some feedback.
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    Hello, There is a little memory leak associated with ITEM_BLEND item you would probably like to sort out. Find: LPITEM CHARACTER::AutoGiveItem(DWORD dwItemVnum, WORD bCount, int iRarePct, bool bMsg) Scroll down until you find this kind of code piece: if (item->GetType() == ITEM_BLEND) { for (int i=0; i < INVENTORY_MAX_NUM; i++) { LPITEM inv_item = GetInventoryItem(i); if (inv_item == NULL) continue; if (inv_item->GetType() == ITEM_BLEND) { if (inv_item->GetVnum() == item->GetVnum()) { if (inv_item->GetSocket(0) == item->GetSocket(0) && inv_item->GetSocket(1) == item->GetSocket(1) && inv_item->GetSocket(2) == item->GetSocket(2) && inv_item->GetCount() < ITEM_MAX_COUNT) { inv_item->SetCount(inv_item->GetCount() + item->GetCount()); return inv_item; } } } } } And add there destroy item's function before return statement. The result should look like this: if (item->GetType() == ITEM_BLEND) { for (int i=0; i < INVENTORY_MAX_NUM; i++) { LPITEM inv_item = GetInventoryItem(i); if (inv_item == NULL) continue; if (inv_item->GetType() == ITEM_BLEND) { if (inv_item->GetVnum() == item->GetVnum()) { if (inv_item->GetSocket(0) == item->GetSocket(0) && inv_item->GetSocket(1) == item->GetSocket(1) && inv_item->GetSocket(2) == item->GetSocket(2) && inv_item->GetCount() < ITEM_MAX_COUNT) { inv_item->SetCount(inv_item->GetCount() + item->GetCount()); // Memory Leak Fix M2_DESTROY_ITEM(item); return inv_item; } } } } } Item created above using CreateItem function would never be destroyed at all (it's usually returned from function for further use). Thus you need to wipe it out manually. Regards
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    Haha, i did it long time ago, now you make it public, danke sexy p3nger. I think i will post my full version, soon.
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    Hello community, we are now reachable under the new gTLD https://metin2.dev All old links will redirect you to the new metin2.dev corresponding link, we will keep the old domain metin2dev.org active so all old links will still works fine. Kind regards metin2dev - Administration
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    Hi everyone I will show you my 3 new maps for Ashens2 This is pvp maps. Size 1x1 Different styles - castle, water, fire Do you have any questions for me? ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________
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    - INFORMATIONS Site: http://www.infinitymetin.eu Client Download: Download here Game Registrations: they will be open today, a link will be posted here. Discord Channel: Join us!
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    Hey, nothing much to say, here you have it. alpha channel already included. Screen: Download: https://mega.nz/#!BlhiDY7a!3gi_esNW5rkUzoeUtc5d8wZoCj5yNQhRqxnG9ZG8-RQ
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    WaterCreation is a small and easy-to-use program for creating water animations from a sequence of changing textures. The program generates textures based on predefined settings. We can, among other things, set the number of textures that make up the animation and their size, the color of the water and the brightness, and we can even add our own texture that will serve as a reflection on the water. Download: https://mega.nz/#!G1dhxQoL!ApICGRqkA4IXF6-_gEeOPG9Yg8la9_2Sbeqh1SaYMlM
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    @Sonitex That's a ugly way, i'd rather something more clean. Src/Server/game/src/input_main.cpp int CInputMain::Chat(LPCHARACTER ch, const char * data, size_t uiBytes) { [...] if (true == SpamBlockCheck(ch, buf, buflen)) { return iExtraLen; } #ifdef ENABLE_CHAT_SHOUT_LIMIT_HYPERLINK if (pinfo->type == CHAT_TYPE_SHOUT) { int hyperlinks; bool colored; GetTextTagInfo(buf, buflen, hyperlinks, colored); if (hyperlinks) { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Hyperlinks are blocked in this chat."); return iExtraLen; } } #endif [...] } Src/Server/common.h #define ENABLE_CHAT_SHOUT_LIMIT_HYPERLINK
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    reformatted + passable hex value as arg https://gist.github.com/martysama0134/d35e7354dadb93da6a65948a0d13f341
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    This quest will warp to the village whoever logins into a map which minimum level required is higher than the player's level. This basically fixes those who abuse the Wedding Ring or the Warp Scrolls to go to maps they normally shouldn't be able to go into. For example: if a player logins into the Grotto of Exile but his level is less than 75, he will be teleported back to his village. The maps and the minimum levels are fully customizable. Have fun! quest warp_check begin state start begin when login begin local map_indexes = { -- [map_index] = minimum_level [91] = 75, --** Grotto of Exile 1st Floor, [82] = 75, --** Grotto of Exile 2nd Floor, [216] = 75, --** Devils Catacomb, [218] = 90, --** Cape Dragon Head [219] = 90, --** Dawn Mist Wood [220] = 90, --** Mount Thunder [221] = 90 --** Bay Black Sand }; if (map_indexes[pc.get_map_index()] ~= nil and pc.get_level() < map_indexes[pc.get_map_index()]) then syschat("Your level is too low to stay in this map. You will be teleported back to your village.") warp_to_village(); end -- if end -- when end -- state end -- quest
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    Link VDI: https://mega.nz/#!p6RFnYZR!nNVJWv2G1pL1yL8uoj-FuorpaD7JqcBxk2sQlMosnqM User: root Password: 123123 Discord support server: https://discord.gg/sTE4yuq Commands: cd /vanillacore_llvm6/vanilla/Source/game/src && gmake cd /vanillacore_llvm6/vanilla/Source/db/src && gmake Thank to @niokio and @Vanilla
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    M: https://i.gyazo.com/d84d73b41414acb3e4570fb9ae7fd049.mp4 F: https://i.gyazo.com/b3ae946b25c4b0f81c6d4dcd1a4b9e29.mp4 GitHub repository: https://github.com/Vegas007/Metin2-Extended-Alignment-System 02.03.2019 - Polymorph bug fixed.
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    This package was created more than 3 years ago. So here u can find a lot of published models, where a lot of them aren't more available for download (dead links). DL models: https://mega.nz/#!7sEFDTyA!FVFpcKSslxh4ojDAqp85baVzGzq9DgAEmUCUJLbcOEQ scan virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/pl/url/71216ea7e98991af2c7f6226d581d2ba513e14cc585f8e8d0f6cf04bf112f755/analysis/1496653078/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Small update: https://mega.nz/#!eoUWDKBQ!HpZJaN48JKrNBQwT6cnqDg_D7QoU54MbK-EURs_WJgw scan virtustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/71216ea7e98991af2c7f6226d581d2ba513e14cc585f8e8d0f6cf04bf112f755/detection -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dl maps: https://mega.nz/#!W5dGjYZT!W7IJWjNeWnB3K0u4T6rWDXlWitZXnzWFeLori9qTTGY scan virtustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/pl/url/71216ea7e98991af2c7f6226d581d2ba513e14cc585f8e8d0f6cf04bf112f755/analysis/1496653078/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The name of the screen file is the same as the folder name: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e.g.: Armors:
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    locale (all countries without mother russia ) Files: insult.txt item_list.txt locale_game.txt locale_interface.txt locale_quest.txt locale_string.txt https://mega.nz/#!PNMBDAZA!RsUEM0bBDNHbu834ZjI31bX9zCzewecYbK-rzZ8-YHU
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    Hello, today I've released an Infected garden dungeon, so i'm sharing something from the dungeon with you. It's reworked ymir's trent boss with new skill. Download: https://mega.nz/#!28IQBSwL!61z4_Nq5H16e0yzkhbnhmwLCWbHTZS99NzLWeBpu7ew
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    Hello ! I share a lot of work, a month and a week to correct the armor brilliance from level 0 to 70! Overview : Warriors : Shamans : Suras : Ninjas : Download : HERE ! Give me your opinion about this ! And sorry for my bad english I'm French Xayah,
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    I have almost the same idea . I want to extend this system because right now it's boring and make no sense to use the normal arrows anymore, so I wrote already this reneval stuff on my TODO list, to make two types of quiver, the normal which allows you to shoot till the time expires, but I have already a new medium item, which allowes to expand the real_time with custom delays, but that is also impossible to make an item for 2 years long, the max is it's default limit value, in case of the highest quiver 30 days, you cannot step over on it. The second quiver is what you mentioned too, but it would check which arrow has been placed into it to make it stronger a bit. I also want to enable the multiple arrow usage by skills, which takes more arrows anyway, for example the horse skill for assassins, and the Arrow rain or how it calls. They are using more arrows, but the game removes only one.. In the new quiver you could put maximum 1000 arrows, or perhaps with more types it could be iimproved as well, and when the quiver is going to empty it will turns into literally empty, turns red on the equipment slot like the dragonstones when their time expires, and you must to refill it.
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    Infected garden is coming!!
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    #Update V2(You need Emoji Textline) Custom Sort:Change item.h
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    There is re-upload for people who doesn't work link... https://mega.co.nz/#!H5RUWb7I!Rabyz8xvYJwT-NjihquYoFyqm790GkNUFKi-nluJGB8