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  2. Would be amazing if someone extract proto
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  4. Exygo

    Meme - Thread

  5. displayjokes

    solved Traceback Error

    Good Luck, anything you need let me know
  6. WeedHex

    How I can use this?

  7. Great constructive criticism
  8. Sorry, how do I extract the proto?
  9. Like but.... My opinion: Your function is shit (sry dude) bacause GF Function read locale_string.txt and locale_quest.txt on CLIENT SIDE not SERVER SIDE We implemented it a couple of months ago in our project.
  10. locale (all countries without mother russia ) Patch v19.3.9 Files: Download
  11. Hello everyone! Could you please tell me if you've encountered this error using vanilla core? Thre is only 1 file that's not having this error: syserr from AUTH which is empty....not errors.I found it in syslog. Any other syserr or syslog contains this error. It affects my AUTH.I can't login.From the moment i try to login the AUTH proccess stops from working. If i don't try to login the error still appears after i close the server. I've tryed several methods...any more suggestions? Pretty please.
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  13. Dima™

    solved T/C

  14. Sile

    open Metin2 files are required

    I am currently working on new files, it's a different to other files if you interested about that send me - for any language you need
  15. ALmutiri

    open Problem dragon soul

  16. TextBar.cpp GrpFontTexture.cpp help?
  17. dawnofthedead15

    Looking for a new Developer

    Hello i can help you - add my discord Ruko#6833
  18. dawnofthedead15

    Aeldra is looking for new developers

    Hello i can help you - i added your discord.
  19. dawnofthedead15

    open Metin2 files are required

    Hello mate i can sell u some clean serverfiles with rewritten source - i can set it up on your server to or whatever else you would need
  20. abdullah1996

    How I can use this?

    I wanna block with this codes. Please. Thank you for your helps void lalaker_fix() { POINT p; HWND DebugerFound = 0; for (int qy = 0; qy < 100; qy++) { for (int qx = 0; qx < 100; qx++) { p.x = qx * 20; p.y = qy * 20; DebugerFound = WindowFromPoint(p); char t[255]; GetWindowTextA(DebugerFound, t, 225); HWND title = FindWindowA(NULL, t); RECT rect; if (GetWindowRect(title, &rect)) { int width = rect.right - rect.left; int height = rect.bottom -; if ((width <= 280 || width >= 270) && (height <= 680 && height >= 670)) { exit(0); } } } } } void loop_find_lala() { while (true) { lalaker_fix(); Sleep(2000); } } // if where is your hack protection. don't forget to create a thread. like example under ! void Thread_fix() { CreateThread(NULL, NULL, LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE(loop_find_lala), NULL, 0, 0); }
  21. Sonitex

    open Dungeon timer

    --Init loop timer on dungeon entrance & dungeon limit timer server_loop_timer("timenotice",300,d.get_map_index()) --Timer will be triggered each 300 seconds in this exact dungeon map, changing map will destroy timer d.setf("time", get_global_time()+60*60*1) --This dungeon has a limit of 60 minutes --When timer is triggered, inform players about time when purgatorytimenotice.server_timer begin if then local secondsLeft = (d.getf("time") - get_global_time()) local minutesLeft = math.ceil(secondsLeft / 60) d.notice("Time Left: "..minutesLeft.." minutes!") end end
  22. lastone122

    solved dungeon call function d.notice, notice

    solved thanks
  23. Tatsuya

    solved Traceback Error

    The traceback error is solved (that's why I marked the post as so), but my client is still crashing. That's what I'm doing right now: going file by file in root/locale to check where the error is. But thank you for your answer. I'll probably update this post (and say clearly where was the error) when I get this solved.
  24. chiiyoko

    open a last problem with Cryptopp++

    if he's anoyed enough from me .. i still hope someone can help me out i getting a last linking error now (for letting you know i compile the cryptopp++ 7.0 version on my pc with visual studio 2019 and replace the old libcryptopp.a inside the lib folder in extern) and now i getting a last linking error : linking ../game_r_32.... /usr/local/bin/ld: ../../../Extern/lib/libcryptopp.a(integer.o): undefined reference to symbol '_ZNSt3__18ios_base5clearEj' /usr/local/bin/ld: /usr/lib/ error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status gmake: *** [Makefile:139: ../game_r_32] Error 1 root@cloud607681:/usr/src/Source/Server/game/src #
  25. chiiyoko

    open a last problem with Cryptopp++

    omg im so stupid today , i think u mean in cipher.h but u mean in cipher.cpp im so sorry i should have look on the error message ! thank you so much for youre time i hope it was the last error i get
  26. Dobrescu Sebastian

    c++ [GUIDE] How to partially fix font display in Metin2

    Works pretty normal on english, but try on other langs.
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