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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Last Update: 23 Mai 2021
  • Nobody is supposed to ignore the law... What is not explicitly prohibited is not especially tolerated...
  • How to change the associated discord account?


    You need to go to your account settings and then choose Discord from the menu on the left. Click on Logout to disassociate the Discord account from Metin2 Dev. If you have any difficulties, please contact the administrators.

  • How to buy ads on Metin2 Dev?


    Go to the store to choose your advertising locations. We accept Paypal and Cryptocurrency in our payment methods. Buy advertisements.

  • I have a multi account? What should I do?


    You must contact us so that we can resolve this rule violation. We can merge your accounts. Multi account is prohibited, no warning will be given.

  • How to change my nickname on discord?


    You can't, your nickname must be the same as the forum's. Your Discord nickname and Metin2 Dev account are synced.

  • How to become a Premium member?


    Go to the subscription store then choose the duration of your Premium rank. We accept Paypal and Cryptocurrency in our payment methods. Buy the Premium.

  • I was banned, I understood my mistakes, I want to come back, can I be unbanned?


    You must contact the administrators by answering the following questions first. We will investigate your situation, however this does not mean that your request will be accepted.

    • Why were you banned at the time?
    • Did you understand your mistakes?
    • Why do you want to be unbanned?
    • Why and how can we believe you?
    • Why should we unban you?
    • What are your commitments?
    • What can you bring to Metin2 Dev?
    • Do you currently have a Metin2Dev account, if yes, which one?
    • Do you have a few more things to say?
  • How do I change my nickname on the Metin2 Dev forum?


    You must have the Premium rank. You must go to your account settings and then choose the Overview section in the menu on the left. You can then change your display name.

  • You got scammed or have proofs that someone is a reseller in our community?


    Contact us! Create a topic here or Create a ticket in our Discord.

    Discord proofs can be easily faked, in order for the proof to be considered valid, you must: Start video recording and open their discord application or web application (discord must be closed first) and the discord tag of both parties must be visible. No other proof will be accepted. Skype video accepted. View Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How to open a ticket on our discord?


    Open the textual room #create-a-ticket


    React to the message with the letter


    The ticket is open, it's available only to the member it has opened and to the staff.


    Write your message and wait for the staff to take charge of your request. When your problem is resolved, you can close the ticket with a padlock reaction.


    Confirm the closure with the check reaction.


    Metin2 Dev thanks you for contacting our support.

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